Steele Cottage is a Rick and Harley Caldwell Property and sister home to Duff Green Mansion, shown above.

For this reason, you will register on the Duff Green Registration System and receive e-mail from Duff Green Mansion.

Depending on traffic flow, we may ask you to pick up your key at Duff Green Mansion.

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Experience the Elegance of the 
Pre-War South at Steele Cottage

Oral history states the Steele Cottage was standing in 1829 but the tax assessor's records state it was built in 1833. Either date makes it one of the oldest properties in the historic city of Vicksburg, just as the newly formed town was forming.

Vicksburg, at the time, was brimming with excitement as the Cotton Rush was just beginning and businessmen and entrepreneurs were beginning to move into the area from around the world to capitalize on the fortunes about to be made made in the Cotton industry.

If you are looking for a single-room accommodation or a larger venue (the whole house), Steele Cottage will host you in the luxury and history of the Old South and the historic town destined, at that time, to be the largest city in the state.

Steele Cottage is located at 1201 Adams Street across the street from the world famous Walnut Hills Restaurant.

Steele Cottage is well situated in the City's Historic District and is only a few blocks walk from many major Vicksburg attractions, restaurants, and the downtown shopping district. 

Our Visitor Trolley services the area and safely moves you around town on a published schedule.

1201 Adams Street
Vicksburg, MS 39180


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