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Steele Cottage

Experience the Working Man’s Life in the Pre-War South at Steele Cottage


When you stay at the Steele Cottage, your visit will include breakfast and a tour of the Duff Green Mansion where you will experience the elegance of the Pre-War South.  Steele Cottage built circa 1829 was first built speculatively for resale along with the home next door now a five-plex.  Both homes were built by Sargent S Prentiss and John I Guion, both successful young Vicksburg attorneys.  Guion would later serve as the 17th governor of Mississippi during an interim period in 1851.  When the two homes did not sell they used them as rental properties.
Vicksburg, at the time, was brimming with excitement as the cotton rush was just beginning and businessmen and entrepreneurs were beginning to move into the area from around the world to capitalize on the fortunes about to be made  in the Cotton industry.
All kinds of housing was needed and Steele Cottage met the needs of those less affluent than Duff Green.  Shortly before the war the home was purchased by Francis Newell Steele who was on his way to Ohio to bring home his bride, Esther Rawson Steele.  On the way home, the new Mrs. Steele commented that she hoped he had not bought a two story home as she didn’t want a two story home.  He only lived a few years after the war at which time she closed up the downstairs and it was not used for over 90 years.
The house boasts the only indoor cistern remaining in Vicksburg.  Mrs. Steele and a servant hung her silver below the water in this cistern before the family left town for the protection of the countryside as the yankees were arriving.  She was able to protect her family valuables.  During the siege Mr. JM Swords, newspaper editor, and his family occupied a cave on the property.  Mr. Swords wrote the famous article that was finished by Grant’s soldiers after their entry to the city.

If you are looking for a single-room accommodation or a larger venue (the whole house), Steele Cottage will host you the history of the Old South and the historic town destined, at that time, to be the largest city in the state.

Steele Cottage is located at 1201 Adams Street across the street from the world famous Walnut Hills Restaurant.

Steele Cottage is well situated in the City’s Historic District and is only a few blocks walk from many major Vicksburg attractions, restaurants, and the downtown shopping district.





Mrs. Steele’s Room

Beautiful hardwood floors, queen bed, ensuite bath with jetted tub and shower unit

J.M. Swords Room

Queen-size bed that utilizes the hall bathroom room with claw footed tub with handheld shower attachment. No other guests use this bathroom, but please note it is not connected to the room. Mr. Swords was the newspaper editor during the Siege of Vicksburg. He and his family stayed in a cave in the Steele Cottage yard.


MaeMae’s Room

Newly renovated is MaeMae’s bedroom. In an earlier time, the bedroom was a screened back porch, then the kitchen, and finally MaeMae’s room when the home was purchased by the Halpins in the late 1970’s. Beautifully decorated with a king-sized bed, highboy, sitting area, large closet and ceramic bath. It has a wall-to-wall oriental rug. 

Why Stay at

Steele Cottage…


Guests at Steele cottage are invited to take breakfast at Duff Green at no additional costs.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made up to 72 hours prior to check in carry no penalty.
After 72 hours, there is a 50% forfeiture fee on full booking. Guests who do not show up without canceling will be charged the full fee.

Whole Home Rental

The whole home is available for rent with a 4-night minimum stay. This includes the brick-walled bedroom downstairs, one and a half
additional bathrooms, living room, dining room, and eat-in kitchen. Please call 601-636-6968 to reserve the entire home.

Check Out Policy

Our check out policy is that you leave the keys in your door to your room.
We have tried to make the key chain uncomfortable to carry in a pocket intentionally so it is less likely that you leave with it. If you accidentally take the key chain, please call us and mail to us within 48 hours. After 48 hours, we will charge the card on file $36.

We will be glad to mail anything you forget. We charge actual postage plus $12.

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